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Top 10 Examples of Successful and Popular Angular Apps

Angular Apps

About Angular

Angular, the Google tech product, has never failed to garner the attention, trust and faith of professional developers and every low-code app development platform. Angular is one of the most famous web app and UI development frameworks. Angular is completely open-source. It is a framework based on TypeScript, which empowers new developers to build apps from scratch and big corporations to build path-breaking mobile applications. Angular is renowned in low-code technology circles as well.

AngularJS is the first Angular version, which is often referred to as Angular 1. The first Angular version was released in October 2010. Every update since then has made Angular a better version than before. Angular offers the finest functionality and simplicity with a lot of potential, encouraging many famous corporations to use it to build their web apps and mobile applications. A lot of professionals who use low-code technology can attest to its effectiveness!

Let’s get started to know the 10 most popular examples of Angular applications

In This Low Code Automation Age, Here Are The 10 Famous Companies that Use Angular For Their App Development

Many companies and businesses directly or indirectly use the brilliance of Angular to enjoy the best mobile applications or low-code applications. So, here is a list of ten famous companies that relied on Angular to have a significant website app or smooth low-code app. They are:

  1. Gmail

Google’s Tech Professional Developers team is responsible for the birth of Angular. Google has used Angular for many of its products and applications, and Gmail is one such application to Angular’s credit. Gmail emerged as the most popular mailing option for many individuals for their professional and personal works. Also, Gmail efficiently renders data at the front end itself. 

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a world-renowned freelance website where anyone can get paid to do freelancing professional work safely and smoothly. Upwork is made using Angular. Thanks to its intuitive and interactive architecture and many other efficient features, Upwork is already actively working in close to 180 countries with more than 14 million users.

  1. Forbes

Forbes is a famous media gaunt that addresses a plethora of subjects, including business and other global trends. Being on its cover page is considered glorious. Even digitally, more people visit Forbes than any other website. Forbes has the highest web traffic. Even Forbes uses Angular, and the Forbes website runs efficiently.

  1. The Guardian

A prestigious and leading news media mammoth, The Guardian sponsors many awards across different fields, recognising the right body of work. The Guardian newspaper, though founded in 1821, has launched its digital web app and is successfully running already. Its app is built using Angular.

  1. The Weather Channel

This is an exciting website that provides essential information on weather, rain updates, and other related information to its users. Even this website is developed using Angular.

  1. Netflix

This popular, world-famous streaming giant has garnered a name and a positive, acclaimed response for its smooth and user-friendly interface. It has a great website which is built using Angular.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is a video streaming company that builds its apps with Angular and AngularJS. The YouTube TV platform enables you to view television channels via the Internet. YouTube’s PlayStation app is built using the Angular JS framework.

  1. PayPal

PayPal, one of the oldest online payment and money-exchanging platforms is known by many people around the world. PayPal is made using the Angular Framework.

  1. JetBlue

JetBlue is a USA-based, low-price but quality carrier service. The JetBlue website is also built using Angular. Its website is viewed by many tourists regularly, and it offers many different features for its users. This shows the dense potential of Angular for building peculiar and quality web applications.

  1. iStock Photos 

This is an international microstock photo company with royalty-free photos. iStock is another famous site developed using the Angular framework. It possesses a huge collection of animations, pictures, and many more.

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