Bootstrap Vs AngularJS: The Study of Differences

Both Bootstrap and AngularJS are competitively used for app development. Here’s a brief account on both of them. 

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is also called the “Twitter Blueprint”. Do you know why? Because it is designed and made by a Twitter Employee. However, in the year 2011, the official Bootstrap version was released. It is free because of its open-source nature. Bootstrap is a specific frontend framework for web or mobile app development.  Bootstrap is a humongous HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS collection. 

This collection is efficiently used in the process of building UI – User Interface components. By nature, Bootstrap is a completely free tool collection that can be effectively used in web app development or mobile app development and website creation. Bootstrap is the most popular choice for app development

Bootstrap is highly chosen for the development or creation of first-hand mobile-first web applications as well as websites. Every software development company tries using it as part of the app-building process.

Reasons For Using Bootstrap 

Reusability – Bootstrap is famous for containing readymade and ready-to-use components, many plugins, and CSS styles which can be straightaway incorporated into the code. This reusing phenomenon helps in the rapid hybrid mobile app development of the IT software company.

Mobile-first – Mobile-first means app development happens at a smartphone level and the application is then scaled up for a bigger size. While using Bootstrap for hybrid mobile app development, the primary priority is that it should be responsive including scaling up possibilities as well.

Easy To Start – The knowledge of CSS and HTML is enough to start using Bootstrap which makes it an easy endeavour to start with.

Open Source – Bootstrap is free to download as it is available as open source. 

Great Grid System – The 12 Column Grid System of Bootstrap is very powerful yet highly consistent and simple to use.

Even though Bootstrap is coming across as simple to use, it demands a certain level of clarity in execution from every IT software company that chooses Bootstrap for their app-building project.  So for simply achieving your app development aspirations partnering with a proper company is critical. Then you should choose DEW Studio. Because it is the top quality and yet affordable Low code app development company. It is that rare feat to enjoy great success rate in the low-code services segment but DEW Studio does it great. If you are looking to automate your processes with Low code automation, then DEW Studio is the suitable platform for you. 

About AngularJS

Misko Hevery along with Adam Abrons are the original developers of AngularJS, way back in 2008-09. It was developed to ease the software development workload of every software development company. But now, Google maintains AngularJS. The AngularJS version 1.6 removed Sandbox but has more security facilities which bypass Sandbox. This version contains an architectural concept which is a Component-based app architecture. 

AngularJS is an open source, JavaScript-based frontend framework. This is extensively used for Single-page apps [SPAs]. AngularJS is on a continuous growing and developing spree to offer far better hybrid mobile app development possibilities. For example, the Static HTML is changed to Dynamic HTML here. All the improvements that AngularJS brings help every US web development company to offer better software development possibilities.

AngularJS enjoys the features of dependency injection and dynamic binding to eliminate the code rewriting needs, thus removing redundancies. There are various versions of AngularJS available for an app development company to use but AngularJS 1.7.7 is the latest of all.

Reasons To Use AngularJS 

The following reasons make AngularJS the primary choice for any app development.

Ready-to-use or Readymade Template Usage – Primarily, AngularJS is nothing but plain HTML. That plain HTML is passed through the DOM first and then through the AngularJS compiler. Then the templates are traversed, making them readily usable.

Easy To Work – The basics of HTML, JavaScript and CSS are enough to work with and use AngularJS in hybrid mobile app development. This means one thing! No expert is necessary for any developer or software development company to use AngularJS.

Time-Saving – Working with reusable components in AngularJS is the best feature that saves a great deal of time and resources. 

Key Differences: Bootstrap Vs AngularJS

  • While AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework, Bootstrap is not!
  • Unlike Bootstrap, Angular is not a CSS-based framework.   
  • Bootstrap is responsively oriented, unlike AngularJS which is not responsive. 
  • Angular allows two-way data binding but it is not an option in Bootstrap. 
  • With Flexbox support, easy arrangements of elements are possible in Bootstrap but elements can’t be arranged easily with AngularJS.
  • Bootstrap’s engine doesn’t have great power but Angular possesses better templating engines.
  • Also, Bootstrap doesn’t possess any routing facilities, but AngularJS does.
  • Bootstrap doesn’t offer dependency injection, but AngularJS offers dependency injection. 

With all the possibilities it offers, AngularJS has a good edge over Bootstrap for great mobile app development possibilities. Companies that choose AngularJS offer great app development results to you.

DEW Studio Uses AngularJS 

DEW Studio is the go-to low-code app development company for many organizations in the market due to the choices it makes and the resultant great services it caters to. DEW Studio uses AngularJS as part of its operations. It allows for the DEW Studio’s efficient low-code automation endeavours. 

Choose DEW Studio and experience the full range of low-code app development services that will take your company to new innovative heights and success. Book a free demo now!

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