Innovative App Development Made Easy with DEW Studio Drag & Drop Features

Here, we present the insights of our developer, Shikha Ranjan, who leveraged DEW Studio to craft a feature-rich application. Her valuable perspective can assist fellow developers in streamlining app development, reducing both time and costs by more than 50%.

DEW Studio: Redefining the Way You Develop Web Applications

DEW Studio is a low-code solution (tool) that allows developers, learners or IT professionals to develop & deploy a web application. It cuts down the time and cost involved in the complete development process, making it a more accessible platform. Developing an application is significantly easier to go with the DEW Studio. So, a typical layperson can also create applications there.

The Vision: 

The tool has been developed to offer a reliable and easy solution for development problems. From creating better and more engaging UI to generating an error-free database, developers have to write lengthy lines of code. We considered this problem and aimed to develop an accessible platform, DEW Studio.

Functions & Features: 

Drag & Drop

DEW has a drag-and-drop feature. If you want the first name and last name email only to develop a form, a standard format. So, a drop feature has been given in DEW Studio, and when we click on submit, some binding rules are there. When we do it, it becomes like…. what to say three hours code becomes hardly ten minutes code. 

VS Code 

VS Code is an ID where we write codes and all. So we write codes, and then we generate some applications. 

For example, if you want to create a form, we’ll need some input fields to register there, and then a record is generated from the coding aspect. But with the help of DEW Studio, it becomes much easier. 


We need forms as well and the API from the server side so it handles the server side as well. We can develop all the CRUD applications, like creating, updating, and deleting these applications. These APIs can be set in a single go i.e. by creating a GET API.

This feature sets us apart

To run some codes from the server, we need some APIs. For this, a lot of procedures like GET API, post API, and other kinds of API are required, which is time-consuming. 

Thus to save developers or learners hours for writing APIs, which sometimes takes a day, we offer a GET API

Technology that runs DEW Studio:

As we are working on the angular platform, DEW Studio is working in angular. We also use angular material for improved UI designs and work efficiency.

Moreover, it increases our work output due to drag-and-drop functionality!

So, it is a JavaScript language that we are using along with HTML. 

There is a lot of sequencing coding, like line-by-line coding, we write by typing or generating it through VS Code. 

I work on APIs, and the DEW Studio platform has cut my time to a few hours as now I do not have to write many codes for APIs like GET API, post API,  and more. Therefore, for new developers or students learning coding, DEW is a reliable platform

Shikha Ranjan is one of the developers who is utilizing the DEW Studio for development. 

DEW Studio low code app development

Beyond Launch: Sustaining Excellence 

A primary coding learner with a knowledge & understanding of Angular, JavaScript and HTML can create any application using DEW Studio. 

Conclusion: A Journey of Collaboration and Success 

Our app development journey showcases the power of collaboration, innovation, and adaptability. By addressing our users’ needs, crafting seamless functionality, embracing challenges, and harnessing technology, we’ve succeeded in creating an app that’s both functional and impactful. 

Ready to embark on your app development journey? Let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to life. Your insights will be invaluable in completing this narrative of technological achievement. 

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