Which Is The Best Framework To Choose: Ionic or React Native?

Which Is The Best Framework To Choose: Ionic or React Native?

The decision to have your own mobile app comes at the price of making proper key decisions. 

“Should we develop in-house, or should we outsource the project? What type of framework should we choose for the app?”

These are essential questions for which you have to have answers with clear conviction. If you want to effortlessly get an advanced app, then going to the modern way of low-code app development will be highly beneficial. DEW Studio is the perfect platform to get the best mobile apps for your business growth without getting yourself into the hectic and demanding work that mobile app development demands from you.

So, if you can plan to get low-code app development from the DEW Studio, you need not worry about any questions or issues. However, learning about the Ionic and React Native frameworks will help you appreciate the process of app development and make better decisions. There are some key differences between Ionic and React Native that you should keep in mind.

React Native vs Ionic

React Native is a framework for developing native apps using React. 

Ionic is used for building hybrid apps using Angular

Two popular mobile app development frameworks are React Native and Ionic. So, which one is the best?

  • React Native is a JavaScript-based framework for building exclusive native mobile apps. 
  • It uses the same design as React. It lets you build a rich-quality mobile UI from declarative app-developing components. 
  • Ionic is a flexible and empowering framework for building cross-platform mobile apps. It uses major web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • React Native is great for developing performance-critical apps, as it compiles down to native code. However, it can be difficult to develop apps with complex UI designs, as it doesn’t have as many built-in components as Ionic.
  • Ionic is also much easier to work with for an inexperienced developer. It uses standard web technologies only. Although it faces complaints for its low responsiveness, Ionic provides astonishing results if developers handle it better.
  • If you need to develop a high-performance app that runs on a complex UI, React Native is your choice. If you’re looking for an easier yet more powerful way to develop cross-platform apps, Ionic is the best choice.

Why Use React Native?

  • React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework created by Facebook. It allows you to use React along with its built-in native platform capabilities for Android or iOS app development
  • With React Native, you don’t have to sacrifice performance to get cross-platform development benefits.
  • React Native uses the same design principles as React, so high-quality UI is easily possible with its components. 
  • React Native is used by a large community of developers who constantly create new libraries and tools. Their efforts make cross-platform development easier. 
  • React Native provides a great way to reuse code between different platforms. 

But Ionic Is The Best Framework For Mobile Development

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of Ionic, there are more. 

  • Ionic uses Angular, which makes it highly flexible, popular, and powerful. 
  • Ionic also has a large, active community that uses it to create new and useful libraries of tools and resources. 
  • Ionic is also very easy to use, making it a great choice for developers of all experience levels.
  • Ionic’s flexibility makes it better for cross-platform development. Web-centric apps are best made with Ionic.
  • Creating apps becomes easier for all professionals with Ionic.

The Best Low-Code Platform, DEW Studio, Uses Ionic and Angular!

The best low-code app development platform, DEW Studio, uses Ionic for app development. The simple and striking features of Ionic are the winners for businesses that need applications. DEW Studio, the right low-code automation platform, stays ahead of time and always implements trending features to complement the needs of businesses and clients. 

Companies are happy with DEW Studio’s low-code application development efforts, so you will be too! Are you looking for a timeless, low-code application? DEW Studio is the partner you need!

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