Which framework should I learn: Django or Node.js? Why?

The popularity of Node.js, the JavaScript runtime environment, has been steadily growing since its inception and the trend is here to stay for sure.

Many well-known brands like PayPal, Yahoo have favored Node.js for the huge amount of advantages that it offers.

But the question here is- can the start-up companies leverage the potential of Node.js too? The answer is pretty straightforward-Yes.

So, let’s look at the reasons why a majority of start-ups prefer Node.js and why it is one of the most popular technologies of recent time-

Why Node.js?

Node.js is one of the best cross-platform runtime environments and it is built on a high-performance open-source V8 JavaScript engine.

When it comes to ensuring top-notch performance, Node.js applies an event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm.

Node.js enables developers to build fast and highly scalable networking applications while ensuring faster development, optimum performance and other advantages.

These days, the needs of processing and consuming real-time information are paramount and Node.js is an ideal choice for developing multi-user real-time data-oriented applications.

Now, it’s time to know about the reasons why Node.js is an excellent choice for startups:

Easy learning curve:

One of the key advantages of using Node.js is its easy learning curve. If you have proficiency in JavaScript and Object-Oriented-Programming, learning Node.js will be an easy venture for you.

The only difficult parts would be understanding the client-server model and Node.Js’ asynchronous flow.

Keeping things simple:

Before finally launching the product, developers face a lot of challenges and it’s very obvious that they want to keep their lives as much simple as possible. This is exactly where Node.js makes developers’ lives convenient as they can use it as both server-side and client-side language. It eliminates the requirement of switching between server-side and client-side.

This means an application developed with Node.js comes with fewer files and code compared to the applications built with different languages for server-side and client-side. Node.js also allows the developers to reuse and share the code between the server-side and client-side so that the team can easily speed the whole development process.

Faster time to market:

Time is the most valuable asset for startup organizations as they have to work relentlessly to develop fast, test, deploy and deliver the applications within a very limited period. Node.js comes real handy in making the shorter time-to-market. The lightweight nature of Node.js ensures faster development time while ensuring all the required functionalities. When it comes to turning your idea into a highly functional and robust application, you can do it in a snap with Node.js.

The super-simple deployment also enables you to have immediate feedback from the real-time production environment.


Every startup organization wants to grow with time. An app-based startup always wants to build a lightweight and fast application that be easily scaled up with the dynamic business and user requirements. The application should be able to accommodate more modules with time.

Load balancing and capabilities to handle a significant number of concurrent connections ensure Node.js’ high scalability. Furthermore, Node.js allows developers to go for both vertical and horizontal scaling.

MVP Development:

With a short budget and highly stipulated timeframe, it is always a good idea to validate the marketability of the product idea. It is important to ensure the product is well-received before investing more money in development.

When it comes to developing a Minimum-Viable-Product, with Node.js developers can easily build an application with all the required features so that the product can go to the market and satisfy the first user.

Now here I am going to tell you how you can build an enterprise-level application developed using Node.js and that too, within a few hours-

DEW Studio, best-in-the-class low code solution that enables you to create node.js applications using a very minimal amount of code as it has edge-leading features like –

1.Entity Manager

Unique wiring framework which helps the developer to connect one data endpoint to another endpoint very quickly. The developer does not need to worry about the names and syntax.

1. Import Entities from the database

2. Create Custom Entities

3. Manage Entities and Entity Relationships

2.Query Builder

The Dew Studio Query Builder helps the developers to create simple and complex queries in few minutes.

1. Easily build queries with minimal DB queries knowledge

2. Create Select, Insert, Update, Delete and Custom Services to the application.

3. Support to build queries for MySQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, Oracle and MSSQL databases.

3.UI Designer

User Interface designer which is based on a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Using the designer, the developer can quickly drag and drop controls into screens. It provides a vast array of controls which includes grid views, list views, charts, maps, camera and several materialized controls.

1. UI Designer is based on Drag and Drop visual UI Designer

2. Create responsive UI

3. Swap view to designer view and HTML View

4. Controls for property or attribute management

5. Control the elements using Tree view

4. Flow Programming

The controller helps the developer to create any programming methods without coding. The developer can quickly drag and drop services and other helper methods into the controller to integrate service data with User Interface.

1. Reduce the time of code writing by providing in-build functionalities

2. Connect front-end logic and back-end transaction

3. Developer can create ‘Custom Method’ and able to drag and drop inside the ‘Controller’

5. Data Binding

Unique wiring framework which helps the developer to connect one data endpoint to another endpoint very quickly. The developer does not need to worry about the names and syntax.

1. It makes connections between HTML Controls and Data sources for creating a query string variable

6. Application /Code Generation

The final component is an Application Generation Tool which generates the application code in a single click.

1. Allows the developers to code in their local drive

2. IDE with a code editor, a compiler or interpreter and a debugger

3. One-click code generation feature

So, you might have gotten an idea about how DEW Studio can help you build a perfect Node.js-based application starting from scratch. I hope this helps you.

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