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What Is Citizen Development and Its Benefits in Low Code Development?

Today, the latest technologies empower non-IT professionals to build impactful and custom business applications rapidly and affordably. 

Citizen development is a business technique that incentivizes non-IT employees to evolve as software developers by creating tailor-made business applications on IT-approved low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms.

From its meaning to the list of citizen development benefits, here’s the inside story of citizen assisted development that you need to know.

What Is Citizen Development?

Citizen development is the process of business users being involved in and developing the applications. The people who do that are called citizen developers. Citizen developers are the usual business users with little to possibly no coding experience. But they design and build software applications with approved IT technology and tools. 

Citizen development is a far stronger possibility where end users are using high-end tools to create approved IT applications.

Moreover, not just some enterprises, but the entire industry is realizing the true potential of citizen assisted development. Many enterprises have an affirmative response to citizen development. 

Recent studies from the “Gartner Report” revealed that about 61% of enterprises are slowly moving towards citizen development with active plans to either indirectly encourage or directly participate with sound investments.

The Impact of Citizen Development 

Citizen developers are non-IT employees without any proper IT experience or coding knowledge. They use modern advanced tools like low-code/no-code and other cloud-based tools to make applications. Interactive visual interfaces and the mouse are tools used by low-code development platforms in the citizen development approach. 

Citizen developers are impacting businesses and the entire industry in a positive way. The effective use of human capital, irrespective of their technical skills, keeps the enterprises and the industry flourishing with sufficient output to meet the ongoing demand.

The wait time for custom software development has been drastically reduced. So, citizen development is the reason for consistency, independence and quality flourishment in the entire industry. With a citizen development approach, many enterprises enjoy low-cost and quality custom software development. The saved costs are being invested in the other areas of the enterprises. 

Benefits of Citizen Development

  1. High Speed and Agile

Citizen Development brought a swift and rapid application designing and developing approach. No lengthy codes with just drag and drop and visual interface quality mobile app development with the citizen development approach. Citizen development benefits the IT departments of the organization directly. 

  1. More Innovative Possibilities

Citizen development is a kind of employee upskilling method. The existing IT teams of the enterprise are busy developing and enhancing the existing critical solutions of the enterprise. But citizen assisted development and its no coding approach keep innovation high. 

Citizen development benefits companies, as employees can develop the digital services they require. It boosts productivity and streamlines business procedures.

  1. User Needs Are Aligned In The Apps 

With limited resources, the tech teams of an enterprise are often failing to meet the users’ needs. With the availability of the data, citizen developers have the opportunity to expand their expertise and knowledge of the users and their needs. It lets citizen developers create applications with needs-aligned custom software development

  1. Increased Efficiency

Skill development and the usage of human resources in application development increases the efficiency of enterprises. Even remote workers are taking part in the citizen development method as citizen developers. Improved efficiency and raised agility are signs of competitive advantage for any enterprise.

Citizen development benefits the IT company by reducing the time necessary to launch new applications.

  1. Cost Optimization 

Citizen development will not incur the usual development costs. With minimal resources, no code/low code and cloud-based custom software development approach help to develop apps in less time and money. Cost optimization is always an advantage to any enterprise. 

  1. Burden on IT Teams is Reduced 

IT teams can now breathe easy as their burden of innovation and app building is shifted to citizen development. The IT team can now concentrate on more critical aspects of growth in the tech segment. 

  1. Better Transparency 

Citizen development streamlines the custom app development processes. Citizen developers make their own solutions. In this approach, management can always check, track and audit the projected growth and can get timely updates.   

Empower Businesses To Build High-Impact Solutions With Citizen Development

Choosing the ideal technology is important for ensuring the success of citizen development. The low-code app development platform should consider the requirements of your organization and identify the processes to pick the technology that will allow more people to develop software. DEW Studio, the best low-code development platform, aids in addressing the demands of a citizen development initiative.

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