Unlock the Potential of Your Business with Low-Code Platform Scalability

Unlock the Potential of Your Business with Low-Code Platform Scalability

The low-code platform empowers your organization to develop, deploy and scale applications at speed and with agility. You can create enterprise-class software applications effortlessly with a low-code development platform.

Low-code technology is your answer to the new constraints of the rapid software development lifecycle. It is developed at a speed that you can’t find in traditional development methods. Increase efficiency and maximize scalability with low-code platforms.

DEW Studio is the best low-code platform that helps you build custom business applications in record time. Low-code apps are easier to build and can be repurposed for different platforms and devices. 

Understanding how to assess the scalability of a low-code application is necessary for everyone in the software industry. 

Low-code Software And The Distrust Around It

Low-code software is built using no-code or low-code tools that offer preset customizable features with a drag-and-drop interface.

A low-code development platform is designed to reduce the burden on an organization’s budget while maximizing the results aimed at producing advanced software applications. Then why is there so much distrust surrounding the scalability of low-code applications?

An application or software is termed “scalable” when it amps up or keeps up with the growing increase in resources without any effect on its performance or the user experience. Most of the low-code application service providers used to market the software as a “Promise to empower citizen developers.” The result has been an unsaid false notion that low-code software is only useful for simple, departmental apps that do not require high performance.

Like all development technology, not every low-code software is the same. However, all the low-code platforms can be segregated into two types. 

  • Low-code software platforms that offer simple tooling with modest scalability to the developers. E.g., Caspio, Appsheet, etc.
  • Those low-code platforms offer rich and deep tooling possibilities with high scalability. E.g., Microsoft, Mendix, Outsystems, etc.

Now there are almost hundreds of low-code development platforms on the market. So for a question like “Is low-code software scalable?” 

The answer is more subjective, like “It depends!” as different possibilities are possible with different low-code software options.

Go with DEW Studio for all your low-code software needs. It presents you with top-grade low-code application services with a customized premium user experience. Also, it helps businesses (both non-technical and technical ones) create their desired mobile and web apps.

Now let us go forward and understand how to measure and assess the scalability of low-code platforms. 

Measuring Low-code Application Scalability

Let us learn the types of scalability to start with:

Runtime scalability: It is the ability to increase deployed applications capacity, to provide quick user experiences for a large user base and also for computationally intensive operations.

Dev-time scalability: This talks about the ability to build and manage an extensive, interconnected portfolio of software applications that address multiple use cases whenever and wherever needed.

These are to be understood before comparing different platforms and their environments. It encourages the creation of enterprise-class low-code applications or fulfills simple departmental app needs. 

When compared upfront, DEW Studio has better features and potency that exceed both runtime scalability and development time scalability. One may choose any kind of app they want, either a simple app or an advanced enterprise-class app with a good user experience.

It radically reduces the coding needed for production apps, produces better-quality applications and reduces app delivery times from months to weeks.

DEW Studio: For Greater Scalability, For Greater Possibilities!

Without much debate, DEW Studio helps to build avant-garde and intelligible apps required by businesses and individuals. Our platform enables you to develop low-code, no-code or rapid applications.

Reach out to us for a Prime quality low-code solution customized and catered to everyone’s needs. 

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