Presenting You The “Myths” Of AngularJS


Learning the myths of mobile app development frameworks will help developers and companies make smart and key choices regarding mobile app development. AngularJS is widely used by developers and every other IT software company. 

So, decoding and debunking the myths surrounding AngularJS will help every web development company make a better choice for their future.

Why Debunk The Myths Around AngularJS?

AngularJS is currently trending with its usage across hybrid mobile app development projects in the software industry. One after the other, every software company contemplates their choices of using AngularJS. The open-source nature of this framework adds icing to the cake. 

Every developer has appreciated it for its unmatched Single Page App [SPA] development. However, like every framework, even AngularJS suffers from myths that should be debunked. This blesses the users and every software development company to enjoy better clarity while using AngularJS. 

DEW Studio, the famous low-code automation company, is a famous user of AngularJS. The tech teams and experts at DEW Studio revere the quality outcomes they receive with AngularJS, apart from their own spell-bounding skill sets. If you are waiting to receive high-quality low-code app development services, then only DEW Studio can do the right thing. But before going there, you can go forward to learn about the myths surrounding AngularJS.

Myths Around AngularJS

  1. Major Decline in AngularJS Usage

The reusability and two-way data bind nature of AngularJS make it highly conducive for any app development anytime. Developers know the value that AngularJS adds to their projects regarding mobile app development. Newer versions, which were tried to improve performance and quality, have complicated it, unlike the earlier AngularJS, which makes every app development company enjoy a good level of competence regarding app development. So, that’s why, statistically, even though there are new Angular versions, close to 1.3 million developers still use AngularJS for app development. 

  1. AngularJS is a huge Giant In Size

Less compactness is another myth around AngularJS. But to be precise, the size of AngularJS is only 51K, which is far less compared to Ember 2.2.0 [111K], Angular 2+ Rx [143K] etc. Only BackboneJS [36K] and Reach 16.2.0+React DOM [31.8K] are lesser compared to AngularJS. But the point to note is that with AngularJS, one need not add any other server-centric language, as AngularJS is enough all by itself. Unlike BackboneJS, which depends on JQuery and so on. 

The size of AngularJS is not huge, unlike how it’s being portrayed.

  1. Can Only Be Used For Simple App Development

With AngularJS, the buggy coding possibilities are very less or negligible. So the misconception that AngularJS can only be used for creating small mobile app development has started. But it’s only a myth. Many large websites are living proof of AngularJS’s capabilities to deliver the best app development possibilities for large and small app building alike. 

Scaling will never be an issue with AngularJS.

  1. Doesn’t Work Well With Nested Objects

This is another baseless myth, as AngularJS is considered to be the most compatible framework for all kinds of nested loops.

  1. AngularJS Is Very Slow

AngularJS is never slow. The inability to use better data binding expressions or to use proper efficient expressions in the code are the reasons for the slow processing by AngularJS. The slowness or slump myth that is associated with AngularJS is due to the expression inefficiency and improper usage of data binding. 

AngularJS shall never be held responsible for users’ inefficiency or lack of experience. 

  1. AngularJS Is Difficult To Learn

Every coder might have started their career with HTML and even plain JavaScript. They are enough to start and use AngularJS. So, the difficulty of learning is another myth that you shouldn’t consider from here onwards. For example, the efficient code-sharing website Plunker is created by an inexperienced person without any technical prowess or training before that. Because he used AngularJS for that project. 

  1. AngularJS Is Not Secure

The security holes in a framework will be reflected in the mobile app development and the apps that come out of them. Security concerns of AngularJS are never severe, and AngularJS never demands more security measures other than what your organisation usually follows. 

No app development company should believe in the low-security myth of AngularJS.

DEW Studio – The One-Stop Answer For Your Low-code Automation Needs!

Not just AngularJS usage, DEW Studio is known for using the trendiest and high-quality technology, that is, low-code app development. In this advanced technology, no or minimal coding is used to churn out advanced apps. 

DEW Studio is here to offer the best custom low-code services to companies. With all its prowess, DEW Studio ensures good low-code apps for everyone who partners with them to receive their low-code services. All these dedicated efforts turned DEW Studio and its low-code app development phenomenon into a new-age inspirational journey. 

Be a part of it by choosing their low-code services and changing your company’s fate. Convert your Angular project into a sleek and responsive mobile app for a broader audience reach.

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