Low-Code Platform Vs Business Process Management: Top 5 Differences

BPM and low-code platforms have trending uses and popularity among enterprises. However, using them at the right time is the secret to achieving success in both cases. There are many BPM service providers that accelerate the overall well-being of an organization. It is the most effective method for obtaining efficient low-code software solutions from leading low-code development platforms such as DEW Studio.

Even though both low-code solutions and business process management are trending, they are different. Let’s understand the differences between BPM and  low-code.

What is BPM? 

  • Business Process Management is a disciplining phenomenon that impacts an entire enterprise. It automates the businesses and their workflows by coordinating both system and human behavior. 
  • Results will improve when an organization automates using BPM. It drives response times, customer satisfaction, order processing speed and overall management efficiency. 
  • Business Process Management (BPM) fosters the functional language of the entire enterprise. It is a better and simplified solution for the best future. 
  • BPM helps to redefine the business journey and steps towards the enterprise’s vision and mission.

What is a Low-code Development platform?

  • A low-code platform, in contrast to BPM, is a cutting-edge method for developing and deploying sophisticated software solutions and applications with less time and effort.
  • Advanced and trendy software applications can be made without writing any code by using a visual interface and customizing the pre-existing building blocks. The modern method of creating software apps with less coding is called Low-code app development.  
  • Low-code development doesn’t interfere with any of the working models or managerial processes of the enterprise. But it is a high-quality and low-investment approach to create software tools.
  • With minimal resource allocation, without any prior experience or certification and within less time, any enterprise can attain advanced software applications with the help of Low-code app development.

Low-code applications have the potential to transform the face of an enterprise because low-code platforms combine creativity and simplicity to create apps. DEW Studio is the right platform where you can get affordable and quick low-code development in no time. 

BPM Vs Low-Code: Differences between Low-Code Platform and Business Process Management

BPM vs. Low-code is an interesting concept to know. Business process management is aimed at overall enterprise management, with a focus on digitization for the best future solutions and results. Low-code applications are a unique modern approach to delivering software applications to businesses with minimal investment. 

Let’s look at BPM vs low-code in more detail

  1. It takes around six to eight months for a BPM to be fully set up and implemented to its full potential. On the other hand, it is very easy and quick to set and run low-code platforms to their full potential. Many low-code applications can be deployed before a BPM can be set and run.
  2. In terms of BPM vs low-code cost, BPM set-up is costly. However, low-code platforms are cheap to have. 
  3. BPM demands some sort of training. With basic training and minimal attention, employees can be an integral part of the BPM environment. Low-code platforms don’t need any training. From clerks to experts, anyone can use it easily without any prior understanding or knowledge.
  4. The range and depth of functionalities exhibited by a low-code platform are far ahead of any BPM systems. For example, do you know that low-code application solutions can also be integrated into third-party SaaS solutions as well? That’s how flexible low-code applications are. BPM is more about providing a flexible and better blueprint for seamless management going into a hopeful future for the enterprise. 
  5. BPM improves the time and resource utilization of the enterprise with an enhanced blueprint for an optimistic future. The software department can now easily create the best software applications and reallocate those resources and funds for other purposes.

Conceptually, BPM is an improvement of the whole organization and Low-code is the upgrade of the software department and overall online growth propositions of the organization. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of BPM vs low-code.

DEW Studio is Futuristic Low-code Development Solutions

If your software department needs low-code development platforms to support the creation of simple, innovative and creative applications, get in touch with DEW Studio right away. It provides tools for testing, building, and deploying applications.

Contact DEW Studio today to learn more about our low-code development expertise! 

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