Develop Mobile Apps Quickly with Angular The Low-code Development

Develop Mobile Apps Quickly with Angular: The Low-code Development  

Is your company experiencing difficulty with sales and leads? Here helps the Angular mobile app. It creates user experiences that are rich, engaging and intuitive in a fraction of the time. The high-performance mobile app built with Angular will set your company apart from the competition.  

Angular, a JavaScript component, is a popular tool for building mobile apps. So, when Google released it in 2009, the developer community accepted it wholeheartedly. 

Angular, among other technologies available on the market today, is one of the best for application development. DEW Studio is a top low-code development solution that enables you to quickly and easily develop applications with minimal coding using Angular typescript and drag-and-drop feature. 

Let’s go over the salient benefits of Angular. 

What is Angular Mobile Development? 

Since 2009, this open-source framework has released numerous versions. The first was AngularJS. And the latest version is Angular 14 released on 2 June 2022. 

The Angular mobile framework can make development easier and faster, freeing up more time in your schedule for growth possibilities, procuring more clients, and increasing profitability. 

With the help of dependency injection, end-to-end tools, and declarative templates, problems with application development are resolved in Angular. 

Let’s take a closer look at this popular framework and discover its benefits to better understand how and why developers recommend the Angular Android app and the Angular iOS app. 

The Pros of Using Angular for App Development 

Two-way data binding 

  • Two-way data binding is among the Angular framework’s most noteworthy benefits.  
  • It can be used as the source and controller in both directions. 
  • The modifications to the data are seen in the view and vice-versa. 

Component-based Architecture 

  • It implies that every component of the app’s UI and supporting features is unique. 
  • It enables the developers to modify the application’s autonomous part of the system. 
  • An app programmer can develop a component once and then reuse it in a diverse array of other similar aspects throughout the Angular mobile app. It simplifies development for beginners. 

High Performance 

Hierarchical dependency injection 

Classes obtain information from external sources via dependency injection. This function separates elements from their dependencies. 

Differential loading 

The formation of separate packages for various browsers diminishes bundle size and loading time. This significantly enhances the performance of an Angular mobile app. 

Ivy renderer 

Ivy’s default AOT (ahead-of-time) compiler speeds up app compilation. In addition, it aids in the optimization of performance for sophisticated Angular Android and iOS applications. 

Reusability of code 

  • You can divide your project’s UI components into several slices using the Angular mobile framework. 
  • As a result, the code portions used to develop the elements can be reused if the app needs to be expanded or a fresh one with similar attributes is created. 

TypeScript, Cross-platform and Scalability 

  • TypeScript, used in Angular mobile development, provides better tools, clearer code, and greater versatility. 
  • You can create app-like experiences by leveraging the features of modern web platforms and developing progressive web apps. It has a one-step installation process, offline features and stellar results.  
  • The handy CLI that comes with Angular can create production-ready applications and components with just one command. 

Low-code software development is a route to building smart business software. Get started today and reach out to our developers at DEW Studio! 


It’s important to comprehend the benefits of using Angular’s low-code tools for particular project types. 

Every organization has a different and special set of requirements. You can hire a developer of a low-code app development platform to construct a beautiful and cutting-edge mobile app.  

DEW Studio is a low-code platform that offers a wide range of brilliant services to help you build a prolific application with international standards and expertise. 

Ready to create an avant-garde and eye-catching application? Contact us!

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