Creating Enticing Web Apps with Angular Material Framework

Creating Enticing Web Apps with Angular Material Framework

Web applications are widely used by consumers. Therefore, it becomes necessary to meet users’ expectations for web user interfaces. For this reason, companies pay attention to the development process and consider different advanced technologies to provide the desired UI output. In recent years, IT professionals have been utilizing UI component libraries to create mobile and desktop applications. 

The Angular material framework is one of the most popular user interface component libraries of Angular. It’s easy to create beautiful web app with Angular Material Framework and the efficiency of a low-code development platform.

Henceforth, the understanding of the Angular material framework is responsible for creating an enticing web app. It is important to have a brief overview of Angular first.  

What is Angular?

In a nutshell, Angular is a framework based on Javascript. And, for applications that run on both mobile and desktops, it is used in development. It is preferred because of the Javascript type, which means developers can easily write light and fast processing programs.

And when Angular projects are involved, the Angular Material Framework comes into the picture. The utilization of it allows developers to build an attractive UI in less time. Additionally, it also offers flexibility to reuse components.

Thus, for components such as Cards, Data Tables, and Date Pickers, the respective UI component libraries facilitate a beautiful user interface.

Know Why Angular Material Framework is Preferred for Web App Development?

Consistent and Modern Look 

One of the benefits of choosing the mentioned framework is that it allows you to create a modern design for an app. Additionally, the web application can appear much more professional and up-to-date. Angular developers will benefit from using components for styling and interactive design. 

Theming and Customization

Customized applications are always preferred as they serve the needs of customers. The user interface component allows easy changes to colors, typography, and different design aspects. As a result, it becomes easy to customize the web app as there are many pre-defined themes available to use. The Angular material framework provides flexibility for developing a unique and personalized UI.

Responsive Designing Flexibility 

An application’s success depends on its design with functionality. The framework offers CSS media queries, and a flexbox grid system to ensure an attractive appearance and structured layout. Additionally, web developers have the functionality of overriding the styles to create a customized experience. Angular Material framework empower you to create stunning applications with ease through low-code development.

Component Adaptability 

The Angular material framework offers the convenience of using adaptive components. This component library, therefore, offers convenience for behavior and appearance-based user interfaces. In order to create attractive and customer-engaging screens, Angular Material is recommended.


The component library gives you the flexibility to customize the app design. In addition to saving time and ensuring timely delivery, a rich library provides the best style to save effort. As a result, we can regularly follow best practices and use common user interfaces. Hence, to avoid starting from scratch, it is wise to create an application with the Angular Material Framework. DEW Studio low code tool uses this library while developing hybrid mobile applications to meet market needs. Get in touch with professionals to begin developing your project. DEW Studio is a top low-code platform with an intuitive UI for easy comprehension. 

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