Busting Myths About No-code & Low-code Software

The software industry is going through a paradigm shift. The popularity of mobile applications has skyrocketed. Enterprises are evolving to new frontiers using software applications to automate their processes and approaches. This is where low-code software development is propelling the industry to a new level of success.

What is no-code or low-code software? No-code/low-code software is the modern approach to developing software applications with zero or very minimal coding. Traditional software development is long, tedious, exhausting, and often expensive. But no-code, low-code development is turning the tables by reducing development time and effort by 50%.

Low-code development is trendy and an optimistic hope for industries across different sectors. But can you rely on everyone to get premier, no-code, or low-code development services? If you consider the reviews, services and public responses, it is easy to understand that DEW Studio is the best premier low-code platform. Contact them for low-code app development services and you will see why they are the top choice.

Impact of Low-code Automation

No use of code or very minimal coding, a very short app development cycle, and trending technology resulting in highly creative software applications are some reasons entrepreneurs and enterprises opt for low-code automation app development. 

Almost 72% of company leaders and executives express their dissatisfaction with the time-consuming process of traditional software development. Over half of companies believe that low-code automation should be used for the majority of app development. 

This is the growing importance of low-code automation technology. So, let’s debunk some of the popular and not-so-popular myths about no-code, low-code development. 

Debunking the Myths About Low-Code Development

No-code, low-code app development is intended for “Citizen Developers”

Citizens Development refers to the new trend of developing mobile apps by citizen developers. Now, the term “citizen developer” is used for those tech-savvy individuals who don’t have a proper software development background or certified education. 

No-code, low-code app development is not only for citizen developers. Low-code automation has democratized app development. Anyone without coding skills can use it with ease, not just citizen developers.

Citizen Developers with Low-code automation platforms will replace Software professionals

This is the most common myth about low-code development! There is no way a platform can replace a professional. 

Citizen developers alone do not use low-code automation in the first place. Anyone can ease their app development burden. 

Secondly, no citizen developers with low-code app development platforms can replace software professionals. A continuously learning and evolving software professional is always desired and irreplaceable for any enterprise.

Low-code App Development means low-quality app Development

Low-code simplifies the entire process of app development, but it does not imply inferior quality. On the contrary, the best low-code platform like DEW Studio is famous for creating some of the most reliable and quality software solutions across enterprises and sectors. 

Low-code empowers organizations to create quality, creative and A-grade software applications.

No-code and Low-code Development is a Technological Problem

Adopting technology is not a challenge. Change is constant, and so is technological evolution. The problem arises when people and their rigid mindsets interrupt the free-flowing adaptation of new technology. 

Low-code solutions are a simple, yet striking technology that can be used by anyone, regardless of their software knowledge and technical background. It is never a challenge. Instead, it is a simple solution to the challenges that the software industry faces. 

No-code/low-code result in shadow IT

This must be spread by people who are insecure about low-code software tech and its depth. It is extremely crucial to involve IT in low-code app development. 

Low-code platforms without IT involvement will result in increased technical debt and TCO. 

The right low-code platform empowers IT to solve all challenges efficiently and effectively. Low-code solutions empower and enhance IT. 

DEW Studio Is The Top-Notch Solution For Your Enterprise!

Don’t fall for low-code myths. Associate with the right platform to experience quality low-code app development solutions that will enable you to achieve your business objectives. 

DEW Studio is the best platform for receiving all the best low-code app development services instantly. Contact us at  sales@dewstudio.io

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