Business Process Automation with Low Code Development

With a low code development approach, business process automation means automating complex business processes with little to almost no coding. A perfect low code solution makes it possible for business users to get their hands on complex automation processes so that they don’t need to rely much on the development team. Instead of writing lines of code to automate business workflows, users can easily use a low code application’s features like drag-and-drop UI builder, flow programming, data binding and code-generator and automate all the processes with a minimal amount of code.

Forrester defines the low code platform as the application development tool that encourages rapid application development with minimal manual coding, quick setup and easy deployment.

With a powerful low code platform like DEW, you can create an enterprise-standard application with less than 50% development costs and time. It enables the citizen developers to be a part of automating business processes.

The low code market is expected to see rapid growth. According to Gartner’s prediction, low code platforms will account for 65% of the application development by the end of 2024 and 66% of large organizations will use at least four low code solutions for automating their internal business processes. 

The key benefits of using a low code app development platform:

Ease of use: Most low code platforms don’t require users to have in-depth programming knowledge. Developers with basic programming knowledge can use it throughout the business without relying too much on experienced and skilled developers.

Encourages citizen developers: It bridges the gap between business users or citizen developers and the development team. A comprehensive low code platform can be used enterprise-wide without the involvement of the IT team. Users can easily automate their workflows by using a low code app development platform.

Costs saving: Most low code platforms come with an easy-to-comprehend training process that any user with basic programming knowledge can learn within a short time, thus enabling training cost savings. You don’t have to spend much money on skilled and experienced developers with a low code solution. Additionally, you can also save money by having a faster time to market and ROI improvement.

Improved productivity: By using visual building blocks and an intuitive drag-and-drop UI builder, developers can easily automate processes and see faster results.

Improve agility: DEW generates the entire application code for you, thus making it easy to implement any change to existing code without changing the complex code structure.

Do I need a low code platform?

If you want to enjoy more than 50% savings on development costs and time, you need a low code platform. It enables you to automate all your business processes with minimal coding to almost no coding.

If you are looking forward to investing in a perfect low code platform, DEW (Developer Efficiency Workbench) is the one-stop solution for you. If you want to know more about DEW, click here to get a demo or sign-up for enjoying 30-days of the free trial.

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