Top Angular Tricks To Become A Better Developer

Top Angular Tricks To Become A Better Developer

Angular is a Google-created open-source web application framework that is maintained by a community of individuals and businesses. The team at Angular is on a constant run for upgrades and improvements, which you can see in the number of versions they have released and will release. The efficient use of Angular ensures the quality of the output and the success of the project. 

Learning the Angular tricks and tips helps you master Angular and become a better developer. You can improve your coding skills and take your projects to the next level with these powerful techniques. 

DEW Studio is the top low-code platform that uses Angular to build fast, efficient and secure applications. Our apps are designed with cutting-edge technologies such as TypeScript and RxJS to create a modern user experience.

Let’s learn the Angular tips and tricks that are followed by the Angular community.

Angular Tricks To Master Code and Enrich Angular Developer Skills

Here are smart Angular coding tricks that you can’t afford to miss.

Tokenization of Global Objects

  • Window, fetch method and location, etc., are some of the many global objects you use in the front end. 
  • Even though it’s a not-so-often scenario, the absence of a browser window or DOM in the Angular environment makes it impossible to use global objects.
  • So, tokenizing those global objects helps you to use them without fail whenever you need them without relying on anything. 

Extension of Subject or Observable

  • Many developers use Angular to create better services in apps. Also for developing apps with low-code platforms.
  • Either Observable or Subject, contained in the service as you use RxJS as part of Angular coding. 
  • Simplify these situations by extending those services to “Observable” or “Subject.”

Turning the Control value To ReplaySubject

  • The app development world is full of expected uncertainties. One such unexpected possibility is subscribing to control “value changes.” Also, you may need to get it at the current value as well.
  • Then turn the Control value into ReplaySubject with simple wrappers.

 Welcoming The High DPI Users

  • You can use the high DPI screens to monitor all your users. Are you aware of it?
  • Check it and use native media tags. It will help your app for better use of DPI screens.
  • Only for users with high or more DPI display can the content be added and an Angular structural directive is made.

Don’t Miss Out on Pipes

  • Pipes are a very powerful way to use in Angular.
  • Pipes help in following declarative approaches in the component templates.
  • Understand that you or any Angular developer can create pipes for any data transformation case. It is among the best angular tips for beginners.

Use Banana In A Box

  • Call it by any name – Banana in the box, Two Way Binding, or input-output. 
  • This is very convenient and advantageous to use. 
  • As simple as using the “Change” postfix for the name of the output gets it done.

 Explore RxJS

  • RxJS is an entirely unexplored world. Check all the parameters and overloads before using it. 
  • There is an entire world of hidden options and features that can help you write powerful and quicker streams.
  • Also, many operators can solve your issues in the code without using a stream.

 Make Your Alternative For “ng”

  • For directives like “for”, “of,” etc., Angular has special and alternative directives.
  • You can create your own “ngFor” case to use for the iteration of the map and many more.

Angular performance tricks are a vast sea with a lot more to explore and use. However, with experienced guidance, one can make the most out of Angular, like in low-code automation. Our low-code platform has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that enables users to build sophisticated apps with no or little coding skills.

Master Angular Development With Dew Studio Low-Code Platform

The innovative low-code technology helps build the best apps without scripting code line by line. DEW Studio’s low-code platform enables developers to rapidly build high-quality mobile, web, or desktop applications in no time. 

Our team takes advantage of powerful features like dependency injection, routing and data binding for faster development cycles. Additionally, we leverage the full power of Angular CLI for rapid deployment on multiple platforms, including web browsers and mobile devices.

So get started with us!

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