5 AI Tools for Developers That Improve Productivity Instantly

The release of ChatGPT and its rapid adoption by a million users within just five days have ignited unprecedented interest in Generative AI. From crafting poetry to answering complex questions and assisting developers in generating code, the versatility of AI knows no bounds. 

This surge in AI’s prominence has also illuminated other AI tools that are transforming the software development landscape, ranging from code generation to automated testing and documentation. In this compilation, DEW Studio presents a detailed overview of the top AI tools for software development, including comprehensive insights into their pricing and features. 

Elevate your projects with the best AI productivity tools available in 2023 and witness a paradigm shift in your development process.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Role in Software Development

As software development witnesses the rise of Artificial intelligence (AI), particularly Generative AI, a pertinent question emerges: can these tools replace human developers? The answer is a resounding no. Rather than replacing humans, AI should be harnessed to augment and accelerate the development process. AI tools are set to become integral components of tech stacks, enhancing efficiency and output.

Here’s How AI Can Revolutionize Software Development:

  1. Code Generation: AI constructs code by assembling modules based on learned patterns.
  2. Code Assistant: Artificial intelligence (AI) offers recommendations, code samples, and error prevention.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: AI-powered interfaces facilitate user interaction.
  4. Personalization and Machine learning: AI enhances personalization and user experience.
  5. Efficient Testing and Debugging: AI generates test cases and automates debugging.
  6. Optimized Feature Selection: Artificial intelligence analyzes previous projects to suggest optimal solutions.
  7. Cost Savings and Innovation: AI automates processes, allowing developers to focus on innovation.

Best AI Tools for Developer Productivity for Software Development

1. Codesnippets: Enhancing Developer Efficiency

  • Leverages GPT-4 NLP engine for rapid coding.
  • Learns from past snippets to offer personalized code.
  • Ensures quality code with syntax and style checks.
  • Price: $4 to $30 per month

2. GitHub Copilot: Real-Time Coding Assistance

  • Converts natural language into coding suggestions.
  • Integrates with popular code editors.
  • Enhances coding speed and accuracy.
  • Price: Up to $19.25 per month

3. Amazon Code Whisperer: Real-Time Code Recommendations

  • Generates code based on comments and existing code.
  • Supports various programming languages and IDEs.
  • Enhances security and automates repetitive tasks.
  • Price: Up to $19 per month

4. CodeWP: Simplified WordPress Code Generation

  • Generates efficient, secure code for WordPress.
  • Tailored to various tasks, plugins, and core modifications.
  • Enhances productivity and reduces coding time.
  • Price: Up to $36 per month

5. PolyCode: Open-Source AI Code Generator

  • Developed as an open-source alternative.
  • Based on GPT-2 and trained on extensive codebase.
  • Offers accurate C code generation.
  • Price: Free


The integration of Artificial intelligence (AI) tools into software development introduces unprecedented efficiency and innovation. As developers embrace these tools, they can automate tasks, improve code quality, and drive business growth. The future of software development is at the intersection of human creativity and AI’s power.

Maximize developer productivity in 2023 with advanced AI tools!

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